How Far is Heaven

"What a beautiful, generous, profound and loving film How Far is Heaven is. Utterly magic."

John Campbell, TV3

"A genuine triumph… Destined to be one of the greats."

Dan Slevin, Capital Times.

"Without contrivance or artificial sentiment of any kind, this film ranks among the most positive and uplifting of New Zealand films."

**** 4 Stars
Richard Swainson, Waikato Times.

“This is brilliant... the most amazing film, this is just gorgeous... I think it will tell a lot of people that [Taika Waititi’s] Boy is real... it’s definitely something that you should make a point of seeing.”

Sarah McMullan, Radio New Zealand National

"Being transported to foreign lands through film is magical but there’s something really heartwarming about watching local people tell their stories on the big screen – especially when it's in a documentary which turns out to be as special as this one… The fact the filmmakers invested so much time and energy into this project is clearly reflected in the finished product. There is nothing staged or romanticised here. How Far is Heaven celebrates Jerusalem's unusual coexistence of cultures and religions and the fact these very different people not only tolerate but also respect one another."

Karina Abadia, Concrete Playground.

“An unforgettable film. Well worth seeking out, a very very accomplished film.”

Graeme Tuckett, Radio NZ National.

"An eye-opening, moving, funny, charming and surprisingly beautiful film."

Tom Cardy, The Dominion Post.

"This cinematic treat provides a rare glimpse into a world where different spiritualities coexist with the kind of mutual respect that would make [James K.] Baxter proud."

Natasha Francois, North & South Magazine.

"In its quiet way, this is a moving, challenging piece of work."

**** 4 Stars
David Larsen, NZ Listener.

"How Far is Heaven's grace and subtlety lends weight to how we can justify calling our country Godzone.”

"A magical picture of a mystical world."

**** 4 Stars
Sarah Watt, Sunday Star Times.

"How Far is Heaven is often as funny and moving as Taika Waititi’s Boy"

**** 4 Stars
Rebecca Barry Hill,

"This beautifully crafted film features stunning cinematography, clever editing, an evocative score and a group of kids who leave a lasting impression."

**** 4 Stars
Francesca Rudkin, Next Magazine.

"Numerous subtle truths emerge gently from How Far is Heaven's understated style... it's richly rewarding."

**** 4 Stars
Dominic Corry, NZ Herald on Sunday.

"I struggle to think of a more perfectly crafted, more tender and luscious documentary coming out of NZ in recent times. How Far is Heaven is a cinematic gem with an enormous heart, the aesthetic sensibility of a gifted painter, and characters so tangible and perfectly expressed that it's as if Gogol and Balzac had descended onto the shores of the Whanganui River."

Federico Monsalve, writer, associated with Monocle Magazine (UK) and ARTnews (New York)